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Incredibly interactive, 44 BCE is a unique, shifting all-on-one power struggle to become the first Roman Emperor!

2-5 Players | 30 Min./Player | Ages 14+

44 BCE Overview

How will you become the first Emperor of Rome? The year is 44 BCE; Julius Caesar has been assassinated. In the power vacuum, you vie for control of the Roman Republic. With no clear leader in place, the Senate awards Imperium Maius to one of your rivals. You must scheme, conspire and backstab to increase your Imperium. The Senate will watch the shifts in power and grant Imperium Maius to the most powerful leader. Eventually, the Senate will be forced to concede, one leader has an insurmountable amount of Imperium! The Roman Empire will be born! A new Caesar will be crowned! Will it be you?

You are one of five suitors, Agrippa, Brutus, Cleopatra, Mark Antony, or Octavian, competing to become the first Emperor of Rome. Each year the Imperium Maius will compete against the Suitors to maintain control of the republic. To succeed, you must cooperate with the other Suitors. Still, you must look for every opportunity to gain an advantage over your fellow suitors. If you succeed, the Senate will declare you Imperium Maius for the next year. After six years, if you have the most Imperium, you will be anointed the first Roman Emperor!


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44 BCE Game Setup

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44 BCE Features

Engaging interaction

Conspire with fellow Suitors to dethrone the Imperium Maius.

Opportunistic deception

Surprise the Suitors and Imperium Maius by making unexpected plays during hidden commit phases.

Stunning artwork

Carefully crafted layouts and unique illustrations throughout the game add to your enjoyment.

Immersive experience

Historical figures and Roman setting create a strong and compelling theme.

Resource management

With limited resource capacity you will be challenged to spend them both effectively and efficiently.

Varying leadership

Alliances evolve throughout the game as Imperium Maius shifts each turn to the most powerful player.

Open negotiations

Suitors openly negotiate their collective strategy to overpower the Imperium Maius.

Thousands of engine combinations

Each new game you will discover unique special ability combos to create your influence engine.

Usurp Authority

Find the balance between the need to unseat the Imperium Maius and your need to gain Imperium.

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  1. Hey looks super cool!
    I am interested in play testing/development as well!
    Do you have a rule book available?

    1. Thank you so much!

      We do have a rulebook and are working to get it posted to the website so that we can get feedback. Please use our contact page to reach out about playtesting.

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