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Intriguing all-on-one board game, 44 BCE

unique shifting power,
strategic collaboration and
opportunistic deception

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The year is 44 BCE. Julius Caesar, your friend, and mentor lays assassinated at your feet. In the aftermath, rumors of betrayal circulate throughout the Roman Republic. Meanwhile, you are among several suitors competing for control of Rome. Above all, you embark on a quest to change history and become the Emperor of Rome.

There is no clear leader in place. Therefore, the Senate awards Imperium Maius to Mark Antony. Subsequently, control over Rome will be constantly challenged over the next three eras. Finally, one suitor is crowned Emperor.

Publicly you ally and collaborate with fellow suitors. But privately, you attempt to overthrow the Imperium Maius.

Secretly, you have your own ambitious agenda!

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Original and thought-provoking. My favorite part is that it is always anyone's game regardless of whether you are winning or losing. I like that you can control either your fate or someone else's

Skyler Graham

I honestly can’t think of a similar game to compare it to

Harrison Filler

I truly enjoyed the nature of the game shifting sides. At one moment, you are winning and taking control and the next round, you are teaming up with others. Really enjoyed it

David Davis
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